Round Two on Science Based Culture

A few days ago, I started a thread here. The basic idea was to begin a dialogue about a project that I would like to see develop. The vision is to create a new priority for Estonia’s future. Not to change people, but to focus attention on something and make it even better.

So what is that thing? Estonians are good at science. For a lot of reasons, science and Estonian culture go together. My vision is to use that natural link more effectively. To get more people involved in developing our scientific prowess and using it for society. For innovation and policy making.

The first step is to start talking Do people like the idea? Well, I have been doing that talking now for a week or so. And universally, I get an enthusiastic thumbs up. I expected that. But I got something unexpected as well. I also found that folks in other places are going very cool stuff along the same lines. In other words, there is a lot to share here. And that is always good news!

More later!