Want Some Money?

I beg your pardon. I did not mean to imply that I want to give you cash. But I will be going to a workshop this afternoon here in Tartu on “How to get Cash from Investors”. I apologize to the purists, my translation is intentionally more colorful than the original Estonian. It will be held at the venerable “Teaduspark”.

When I get back, I will offer a few thoughts on the event.


Well, I am back. How was the Teaduspark seminar on attracting investor capital? The high points were that the event brought before a local audience folks who reported from real life experience. This is important because to create an environment that is attractive to investors, one has to talk about what really happens when entrepreneurs seek out and use investment capital. So far so good.  There is a second high point, The information conveyed was up to date. It reflected what people are talking about now.

At the same time, I have a few beefs. The biggest one was the focus on attractive short term risk capital that demands high level returns. This is essentially the angel investor and VC model that we hear so much about these days. This is a real thing and for folks who want to play high stakes poker on bringing highly disruptive ideas to market, it is highly relevant. But let’s face it. Only a few start ups do this. What about the rest of us? Do we just forget it because we can’t do a great “demo day” presentation?

I see it this way — our business project ideas have to create movement in markets. But that movement need not always consist of daredevil jumping off mountain tops in bird suits. And just learning about bird suits doesn’t necessarily convey the right learning posture.  Yet … those bird suits do tend to get the attention.

Steve Blank is right. The focus on short term disruption is crowding out some essential learning about how people should think about a life in developing business projects.

So – nice stuff! But we need more than this!