Estonian Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding (as in Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc) has become mainstream. But this sort of crowdfunding only allows a debt based investment. In other words, when you support a project, you are buying something they offer. You are not buying any shares in the venture.

Is this a problem? Not in itself. But there may be reasons to set up a parallel equity crowdfunding system. First, it may provide a better way for some projects to get started, for example, when they don’t have anything yet to offer. Second, ti might also provide for more efficient exits for early stage investors — if the equity can be traded.

But there are legal hurdles to overcome. After the great depression, it was thought that small investors who don’t have sufficient knowledge needed more protection. So there are lots of limits on how such a market might work.

These hurdles are man made and therefore man can undo them or modify them. And it may happen. Estonia’s e residency cards may be a tool that allows us to take one step in that direction.


Estonian Wind Energy

These days, there is a lot more talk about solar energy than wind. And it may be that in the long run, solar is the preferred renewable source, provided that costs keep going down. But in the meantime, it is competitive to get energy from wind. And Estonia has quite a bit of that.

Not surprisingly, Estonians are building wind turbans off their coast in considerable numbers. Here is a short article that gives some details.

Estonian IT Education

ZDNet is offering an interesting article about how Estonia is developing higher education policy to promote its burgeoning It start up culture.

Some of the ideas are quite old,actually. For example, the PPP aspect. And I would argue that Estonia could go much much further in linking its course development with career needs analysis, especially with respect to robotics and the internet of things. And some of it is painfully obvious – the need to bring in the best possible teachers.

Regardless, you have to applaud the effort and publicizing the offort. The idea is not just to graduate more IT specialists. It is to create an entrepreneurial culture that uses IT as a tool..

Thinking about Working From Tallinn?

Many years ago, Tallinn was on the edge. It was a bit “out there”, without a lot of renovated office space, or connections to the west. That was back when I arrived in 1994 (just a few years after Estonia regained its independence). Now things look more like this

Tallinn is a happening place from a business and finance perspective. If you are interested in finding out more, comment with contact info and I will write back. If you just want something to read, consider this form Inc!


Estonia and Going Global First

Forbes is offering a nice fluff piece on Estonia’s tech sector.  Why do I say fluff? Like many business articles, the piece is more marketing than analysis. On the other hand, it does put things in the right perspective — the challenge in Estonia is to penetrate global markets and that means being at the cutting edge in tech niches. This is a story that I will be tracking here in this blog in 2015. So stay tuned!