Selling Creativity Online

A new type of digital market is evolving and it is a bit curious.

The story of Teespring is a good place to start. What is Teespring? It works like this (from a BI article)

… you log onto the site and create your own tee shirt design. You can either upload an image file or use Teespring’s built-in tools. Then you decide how much you want to sell each shirt for, and by extension, how much profit you’ll get per shirt. Teespring handles the manufacturing and shipping, and takes a cut of the sales.

Each tee shirt “campaign” works a bit like Kickstarter. People preorder your shirt, and when the campaign ends, Teespring ships them out — if you’ve sold a certain minimum number. When the campaign closes, Teespring transfers you the money you made. Simple.

Nice idea! Anyone can just log one and try to sell their creativity online. Here is the thing. This idea does not have to be limited to tee shirts. It is possible to organize any market in this fashion. All you need to do is to identify the creative component of the product or service and handle the logistics for incorporating that creative solution for people who want to buy it.

And this need not be limited to products. Services too can be “crowdsourced” for creative solutions. To get a peek at this, check out this article about using e commerce to promote better marketing.

… Victors and Spoils … crowd sources its ideas from various people – be it other creative partners or a lunch lady down the street.

The agency openly admits on its website:

“We’re smart. Smart enough to know that we don’t know it all. Fortunately, there’s a little something called the ‘rest of the planet’. It’s made up of billions of bright and inspired individuals who know things we might not. So we tap into them. […] We bring people from outside our walls into the advertising process. Because when you combine their expertise with ours, good advertising suddenly becomes great advertising”

Again, all they do is to identify the creative element that needs better thinking and put it out there for bids.

Brilliant! I will be keeping an eye out for more applications. Stay tuned!