We hear a lot these days about how accelerated learning is affecting our institutions. We know this is happening, but we are flying blind (so to speak) in what will be the result. How will our institutions look and how will they work?

Well, Take Five is a blog that focused on those questions. But it is also a song worth listening to

Take Five is first of all, a great song by Dave Brubeck.

The song is relevant because it is low key. Not about heroics and high risk. But about a smooth path that you can follow with ease. That is so valuable, especially these days!

We (and here I refer to me and my network of partners and clients) are dedicated to making learning more efficient. To “getting smarter”. So we offer products and services that help people build learning capacity. These products and services include digital learning formats, training materials, consulting, training events, and whatever else works for our partners.

Why do we do this? We believe in the power of learning for individuals, groups, institutions and networks. And we know from experience that the possibilities for using learning to build success are growing. They are growing because we now have a more clear understanding what learning is all about. And we have new digital tools that enhance our ability to learn, learn more efficiently, and learn more of what we need to know. “Just in time learning”? Perhaps. But more important, we believe that 21st century success is built on understanding how to use learning to add value.

What can you get from this site? This site offers an entry point to follow our own learning. First, you get a good look at our “learning path” from the menus at the top of the page. Our model contains five stages of learning – hence the name “Take Five”. They build from foundation skills to master level skills. We are constantly building better tools to help our partners strengthen their skills at each level and to move through these stages more easily. We track this here. We also offer events that you can join in. You will see information about these events below.

Why follow us? The 20th century was revolutionary in many respects. It was very different from the 19th century. It is likely that the 21st century will be even more different from the 20th century than the 20th century was from its predecessors. Why? Because of an ongoing acceleration in societal learning capacity. Success in the 21st century will require mastery of the skills that are unique to this new context. And you can learn these skills with us. Join in!


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