The People Century

I have been thinking quite a bit about how this century will differ from the last. This is hard to do because the influence of the 20th century is still quite strong. It is still early days in the 21st century.

But we do know something already. The driving force for change in the 21st century is technology. This is already a big change from the driving force of the 20th century – reducing costs with greater efficiency.

The question is where our new technologies will take us. A major change is already upon us. We are now “hyper connected”. That is, we can access information from the world around us faster than ever before. Being hyper-connected expands the realm of the possible. But to what?

I believe that it will turn the tide against the dehumanizing effects of the drive to efficiency of the last century. People will be more free to assert themselves. And they already are, if just in small ways. Steve Hilton takes this idea much further in his book. Here is a link to a review.



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