Who Are We on the Web?

Remember the film Avatar? The idea that you could live outside of your body as an avatar of yourself was new for film, but not for gaming. Gamers were used to the idea that when they played online, they took on a totally new identity. They were (hope0fuly) more than themselves.

So has this idea moved on since then? It has, and I do not refer to the fact that many abuse the web – saying things that they would never say in person. I refer to the possibility of a new way to see yourself online. And it arises from Github. Al Wenger notes

When Linus Torvalds released git in 2005 he made a crucial innovation in version control widely available: git makes the full development history available locally to every developer (or put differently it is a distributed system).

This is a big deal. But there is more

I can form an organization on github and then invite existing individuals to that organization. As an individual I can see the different organizations I belong to. This is fundamentally different from how organizations work in most systems where I have an account that I log in on behalf of that organization and that is issued to me by that organization.

What is the big deal?

Imagine for a second if I had a single Salesforce account and could belong to multiple organizations (possibly simultaneously but maybe just sequentially over time) with that account. This new setup makes it possible to take something with me. Github doesn’t exploit this yet (as far as I know), but for instance, it could allow me to keep some statistics, such as how many commits did I make to code of an organization. Or in the case of Salesforce, how much did I generate in leads or revenues.

In other words, I could package my expertise online and plug it in as I choose. Nice, but if I do this on Github, Github still controls my identity. Could I do this without giving up that control?

This can be done with Blockchain ID.

It will allow me as an individual to control my own identity and services to make use of that identity. With Blockchain ID, I can control my own identity, am not locked into a particular registrar and can use that identity to sign into different services.

This will fundamentally alter the way we think about work. Not employed by a single firm, but plugged into numerous firms at my own choice.


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