Hegla Compact Loader as Case Study

Manufacturing is not what it used to be.

in the old days, big firms sold very expensive machines to factory owners who used them for a long time to make and sell expensive products.

And now?

First, Upgrading equipment now involves as much digital information control as it does machine tooling. One effect — you can more easily use older machines for new tasks, if you can get a controller upgrade (a new machine brain). Over time, the big machine sellers may not be able to keep up with the advances in programming.

Second – the length of time that a given factory configuration will generate profit is getting shorter. Why? Because markets are moving faster and that movement will accelerate more. The end result — it makes less sense to invest in a hugely expensive build out. It makes more sense to invest in things that can be moved around and bought and sold or leased.

So here is a nice compact Heglaloader at work

How much does it cost new? How much would it cost used? And how much would a controller upgrade cost? All good questions. Want to know more? Let me know.


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