Marketing Genius

So you want to be a marketing genius? Easy. Tony Robbins says that there are just five keys to success. They are

  1. Be available
  2. Respond Quickly and With meaning
  3. Understand (client) goals Help them make informed decisions
  4. Collaborate with Customers to create value
  5. Add a personal touch

That is it. But how do you do these things for ALL of your clients? And How do you help your potential clients see that they would get this treatment from you?

The simple answer is that you cannot — if you deal with clients one a ta  time. You can only do this if they do at least part of the work for you.

So you do you get your clients to do this work? They will only do it if it benefits them. So doing it must fit into their routines. It must lift up their perception of self-worth. It must provide them with feedback that what they are doing is paying off.

All very interesting. But have you got the point so far? None of this will happen without a digital interface that has an omnichannel capacity.


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