Welcome to the World of Niches

A few days ago, Fred Wilson wrote an interesting post about Techmeme. If you are not a techie, Techmeme is one of the oldest web platforms that has tracked developments in the tech world. It is celebrating  its ten year anniversary.

This in particular caught my eye

Gabe (Rivera writes) “However, as Techmeme became the first stop for tech news for a growing and influential segment of the tech industry, other goals became imperative too. In particular: strive for comprehensive coverage of the day’s most significant tech stories, and post big, breaking news story quickly.”

Fred commented

I can get the “big breaking news” anywhere and don’t value Techmeme for that.

Fred is making a bigger point here than talking about tech news and Techmeme. If you want to connect with people, you need to get beyond the stories that are available everywhere. You need to own a “mews niche”.

In other words, people will come to you for stuff that they need that they cannot get elsewhere. As Fred writes, they will be more delighted to do it if they can access a dialogue as well.

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