Selling Routine Building

It is pretty much old news by now that one gets more creative by being more active. That is, creativity flows from activity – not the other way around. So I fyou want to be more creative, you need to become more active. Pretty simple.

Well, not quite that simple. Being more active is more difficult than it appears. Don’t believe me? Just for fun, keep track of your activity levels during th day and evening.  That includes tracking when you were focused and doing something and when you were resting. What do you see?  Most of us tend to zone out for at least part of the day. And most of us do not create a healthy balance between engaging in work and resting.

This is normal. And we can do better than normal by building routines. Those routines help us to structure periods of the day where we need to be active. Are there any tools that can help us? Sure. Here is a link to one that I am trying out.

One routine worth thinking about — work in ten minute spurts. Don’t allow yourself to go beyond that limit. Set a goal for what you will achieve in ten minutes and stop. Every ten minutes stop and rest.


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