Take Five Step One – Loving What You Do

I posted yesterday on how to get started with my Take Five programme. You need a clear answer to the question, “what do you want to do?” The truth is that most people cannot answer the question. They spend their time doing things that they believe that they have to do. The obligation smothers the joy.

Can you escape that trap? Of course! It is simple, but not easy. The joy comes from within you, so you find i by seeing within yourself. Simple. So why is this not easy? It is not easy because doing this goes against lots and lots of cultural orientation and education. Worst of all — at least I think — is our fear of failure. Consider Ben Zander’s message as a teacher

Ben offers a profound life lesson. How to look without fear at what you are doing to get to the inner passion of it. Have you found that? Great! Then move on to the next step!

BTW, meanwhile, check out what Graham Cochrane is up to with his blog. It is awesome!


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