E Commerce Tales

Here is the message

I don’t care if you’re mowing lawns or doing divorces – just as people predicted that every company would be a publisher, my prediction is that every company will have an ecommerce site sooner rather than later!

Here is the story

Before heading up to Chicago, I got an email from Nationwide insurance that I needed to pay my car bill. I logged into my account, and couldn’t find a way to pay the bill. I returned to work and figured I’d call my agent later. A couple days later, I received another notice that my insurance would lapse unless I paid my bill. I logged on and tried again to no avail – I couldn’t even find a pay my bill button on their new clean interface. I set a reminder to call my agent.

The next day, I went to work and got busy and never called my agent. When I got home, sure enough there was an email that my insurance would be expiring that night at midnight because I hadn’t paid my bill. Not good… I was driving to Chicago the next day and I wasn’t going to be uninsured.

So I flipped my browser over to Geico. After a few minutes, I received a real-time quote and a nice fat button to buy the policy. I clicked the button and it stated that they’d be sending me some paperwork via mail and once I filled it in, my policy would be live. You have to be kidding me.

Next up – Progressive. I entered my information and they pre-populated my automobile information for both me and my daughter. A few clicks later and I had a new policy and insurance card to put in my car. It took about 10 minutes… and I actually did save money. This surprised me since I’d been with Nationwide for over 20 years.

Did Nationwide lose me because of its insurance? No, I didn’t mind their insurance and I really liked my agent. They lost me simply because I couldn’t serve myself online.

Here is the idea: you need to invest in making things easier for your clients.

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