Bitcion, Blockchains and supply chains

Quite a few folks still are not sure whether bitcoin and its blockchain platform add value. They as “What can one do with them?” The answer is not so simple because the uses that will become rather commonplace in the future have not been created yet.

So what CAN we say? One thing we can say is that blockcains will have a variety of uses in connection with something called “supply chains”. We don’t think much about supply chains now because we don’t have anyway to discover them. We buy products all the time without knowing where they or their components were produced and how.

But supply chains matter.  Food is a good example. We don’t think about where it comes from until we find out that a supply source is contaminated, like with mad cow or avian flu. Then we care a lot. And if we knew more about supply chains, we could use that information lots of ways. Here is a nice post with some scenarios.


2 thoughts on “Bitcion, Blockchains and supply chains

  1. I’m currently working on selling garden seeds and accepting bitcoin. I guess in a way, that has something to do with supply chains. I sell my garden seeds directly to the consumer, cutting out the middle man and saving my customers money on every order. If I had to sell them on ebay, I would have to charge at least 15% more and add in shipping. That’s not to mention the amount of tax. I can see bitcoin becoming the only way people want to pay for goods.

  2. Nice comment! You point out the potential for cost savings – very true. Also, each transaction you enter into —- whether from your suppliers or to your customers — can be a marketing device when people can track how cool your product is. This is a big part of the coming beauty of blockchains. Thanks!

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