Bennis: Leaders as Curators

This is the next in my series of Warren Bennis’s book “Organizing Genius”. I do not go through all of the stories in the book. Instead, I am focusing on the last section where Bennis lays out lessons learned. This is the third

3. Every Great Group has a Strong Leader

The word “strong” may be a bit misleading. Great groups are not composed of cowed sheep. So strength here is not about domination. Instead, a maestro is needed. A person who has the vision and makes creative choices based on that vision. This person is often a “good steward” meaning that he keeps people focused on the tasks at hand.

But the key here is that great leaders do not have to be great creators. The group does the creating. The leader has excellent taste and knows great solutions when he sees them. He need not be the one who creates them.

At the same time, the group leader must be worthy of the group. The group must trust the leader to make excellent creative choices.

And what about finding talent? that is next!


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