Warren Bennis: Organizing Genius – Superb People

Warren Bennis wrote his book “Organizing Genius” back in 1997. it is an inspiring book. An optimistic book of stories about great teams. You need to read the book to get a sense of the stories. And it is worth your trouble. I will not summarize those stories here. But I will do a quick thread about the “take home lessons at the end of the book. There are fifteen of them, and I will post on each

1. Greatness starts with superb people

You cannot build a great team without superb people. But what is “superb”?  It is an attitude, first of all. the attitude is a determination to solve problems. In order to be a problem solver on this order, one must have an open and original mind. People in this category may have specialized knowledge and/or skills. But they are not narrow specialists themselves. Instead, they use what they know to find better ways of doing things. This means they are ready to work across disciplines and in relatoinships.


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