McGrath: The Opportunities are Global

This is the last segment in Rita Gunther McGrath’s book “The End of Competitive Advantage”. She is focused here on one last bit advice for folks trying to succeed in a more volatile world.That advice is to avoid getting stuck in a single location. When there is less stability in any given location, you are better off if you can move between them.

And we can take this one step further. The biggest opportunities are those that can scale beyond a given location and fixed market niche. As the world grows more inter-connected, we all need to be more aware of how we can share value across different locations and markets.

Good point!

That is it for Rita.I have created a thread of posts walking us through her book and it was useful. But … how much do you remember? In order to master the material in this book, we need a tool to take us back into it t in “bits”. I will be working on that and present it soon!

Stay tuned!


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