McGrath: Life Through Skills Acquisition

We are in the last chapter of Rita Gunther McGrath’s book “The End of Competitive Advantage”. In this last chapter she lays out some suggestions for individuals to better cope with volatility in job markets. In short, it is less smart than it used to be to rely on a single job or career path to get ahead these days.

If you are looking to get ahead, one thing you should track is what skills you have acquired and what skills you are building. In the old days, employers would likely tell you what you need and might even offer it to you in management training courses. These days, this is less likely. What the boss tells you may not be what you need. And the boss may not tell you anything.

So ask yourself, what is your skills building agenda? What skills could open the door for you? Could it be, for example, if you are in sales working in global markets that language skills are the key to getting ahead? Or are there more technical, hard or soft skills that will raise you up?

The good news is that you can find more and more platforms that offer skills curricula. Use them!

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