McGrath: Life through Projects

We are working our way through the last chapter of Rita Gunther McGrath’s book “the End of Competitive Advantage” where she offers ideas for individuals (as opposed to firms) in how to handle the increased amount of flux in today’s markets.

She makes the very good point that a new metric is developing for assessing success. In the old days, it was how high up the organizational ladder one might climb within an organization. And many still think this way. So work experience sections of resumes are highlighted with high level job titles. But these days, some folks are more interested in the project path they have followed.

Ideally the project path enables you to show how your network has expanded with each activity. And as your network builds, so too does your access to new markets. This story line may be more important than your last job title. But how do you track it? Well, stay tuned!” There is more!


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