McGrath: Your Job Search Toolkit

So what do you do when you have either lost your job or just don’t have one? Good question. Rita Gunther McGrth offers some sage advice.

First, go ahead an grieve for a while. This is not fun and you are entitled to take a moment to bury the past. We need to do that in order to move on. BTW, you might be comforted — as Rita points out — that many wildly successful people in different fields have been right where you are. For example, billionaire Michael Bloomberg was once fired from Salomon Bros. Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a news anchor.

When you are done moping, it is time to take stock. Taking stock means doing an audit of what you have to offer. Ford Myers offers a nice list that can help you get started. Think o fit as a toolkit and it might contain these 10 tools

  1. a written list of accomplishments
  2. a positioning statement
  3. a professional biography – one page narrative of you in the third person
  4. a list of target companies you would like to work for
  5. networking lists
  6. professional references
  7. letters of recommendation
  8. a networking agenda — BTW, check out this nice post on how to network more effectively
  9. a tracking system
  10. a resume

This is not a short list. To the contrary, it will require some thought and effort to build it up. This is a good reason to start doing this BEFORE you find yourself in desperate need of it.

But this is not the only way to look at the value you have or may be building. We will take an alternative view next. Sty tuned!


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