McGrath: How Vulnerable Are You?

We are in the last chapter of Rita Gunther McGrath’s book “The End of Competitive Advantage” where she discusses what you — as an individual — should be thinking in terms of career choices. The basic point is that as corporations become more nimble — are at least some do — you have to as well.

The first question to ask is how vulnerable are you? If you are working in a firm that is about to face market disruption, you have two choices. You might be able to get the firm to make changes in order to face the challenge. If this does not look feasible, then the second option is to start looking for alternatives.

Two points are worth keeping in mind. The first is that in either case, you will need to make these decisions early enough to give you time to see the strategy through. Too many executives react too slowly and too late and then find that they have a serious problem. No job and no immediate alternatives. The second is that in order to have alternatives, you need to know what you are selling. What special skills and knowledge do you have that will be attractive in the current market. Do you even know what those are?  The first step in getting some handle on this is to do an audit — an unflinching audit.

Well, this is starting to get interesting. Onward!


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