21st Century Thinking: Where is my Invitation?

In this thread, we have been pondering how thinking in the 21st century will differ from what we are now comfortable with – 20th century thinking. This is dangerous because we cannot predict the future. But we can extend trends that currently at work and thereby achieve informed speculation. More important, we can see more clearly what we want from the future.

My own sense is that the 21st century will be the intelligent century. It will be the century when mankind starts systematically using intellectual tools that extend our capacity to acquire knowledge faster. These are by and large tools that facilitate connection. And that brings me to the word “invitation”.

It is not a word that you see very often in the media or in “how to make a zillion dollars before you are 21”. We don’t consider this to be an essential skill. But think about it for a second. If the key upgrade to expand our capacity for acquiring new knowledge is in making better connections, how do these connections get started? What is the first step?

Well we know that some people are quite good at throwing parties. When they invite people over, people come. And when they come, they have fun. These skillful folks are able to send out meaningful invitations. But most of us are not so good at this. Why not?

For one, we are not informed how important making invitations is. We are not informed that one cannot establish a connection without starting it up. Oops. Well, I think this will change.

Also, we know that not all invitations carry equal appeal. There is an art to this. And we must master that art if we are to be able to use networks more effectively. So how good are you at this? Think about it! More later.


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