24th Century Thinking: A Different sort of Connectivity

This is a quick detour from my 21st century thinking series to pose the question, what will the world look like 300 years from now?

It is a fun question and obviously we do not know. But we can say this about what we hope for the future. We hope that the future will bring our children in abundance those things that we know have value. We hope that they will not have to be distracted or endure stuff that we believe has no value.

So, what are we referring to? Well, one of the 21st century focus issues is a new way of understanding how we connect. We are who we are connected with. Going beyond that, our connections should bring us higher levels of meaning, yes. But also better places to live and thrive. How will they look? Eric Sanderson thinks that hey will look more natural – less artificial. And he can illustrate this way of thinking by using a map of what New York was, is and should become. Enjoy!


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