21st Century Thinking – What Can I share?

This iis another in ma series of posts about a lecture series that I am developing.

We have heard again and again that internet disrupts everything that it touches. And we hear that this disruptive effect will continue. But why is the internet disruptive? The main reason is that it reduces the cost of sharing information to close to zero.

This is no small thing. Consider, for example, that it took one week for the news of Wellington and Blucher’s victory at Watterloo to reach London. That clever Rothschild found out days in advance and he used that information to amass more money in a week than anyone had every made before.

But not all information has equal value. Nor does the value of information go up over time, like the value of real estate or a classical painting. Indeed, the value of information is rather ephemeral. In fact, what we mean by the cost of information sharing goes close to zero, is more complex. It involves

  • the cost of developing a strategic idea based on what is going on around you
  • the cost of finding out information
  • the cost of discussing ideas
  • the cost of tracking the discussions
  • the cost of assessing performance
  • the cost of adjusting from failure

All of these things are important if information sharing is meant to add value in a given context. In other words, exchanges of information are not like casual conversation. Indeed, exchanges as the basis for more and better connectivity are sort of a rare bird.

What does this bird look like? Stay tuned! That is next!

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