McGrath: Spend your Imagination Before your Money

We are discussing resource management, a topic that gets everyone very excited. In fact, we do get excited about it when we are managing our own individual resources, like that Picasso in the living room. And therein lies a point.

Just like individuals, large firms tend to love their resources too much. More precisely, the love to be certain that their investments will pay off. So they over invest. The better way to think of this is to use your imagination first then your resources. Be entrepreneurial in how you look at your things … other than that Picasso, I guess.

Think like Terracycle — the start up that literally grew out of trash. the trick here is not to strive to own more assets (that is expensive) but to use them. The buzz phrase is access to assets rather than ownership of assets.  this creates a new way of organizing – the disposable organization.

This is driving the market for temporary employment. And it is changing how people should be thinking about their career paths.



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