21st Century Thinking – Getting started

This is a first blog post about a lecture series that I am developing about 21st century thinking. Here is a first key thought

We take for granted these days that things are changing quickly. Technology especially is making possible things that we could not dream of just a few years ago. But we tend to believe that the changes will just add onto what we have now. That people in the future will be pretty much like us, but with better smartphones.

This is pretty much the way folks thought back at the turn of the 19th century as well. They too saw changes coming. They dreamed of mankind flying around and living underwater and so forth. But they thought that future folks would do this while living an Edwardian life style. Ooops!

In fact, the 20th century ushered in not just technological advances, but a whole new way of looking at ourselves, the world around us and life itself. We lived — or at least we said we lived — in a “modern” era. And then we said it was “post- modern”. Good luck trying to explain that to a Victorian or Edwardian aristocrat.

So we can toss aside our own prejudices that 21st century folks will see the world the way that we do. They are not likely to. They are likely to adopt new ways of seeing thins and thinking about them that will make us look rather old fashioned.

Can we anticipate the changes? Well, perhaps we can, at least in part.

Interested? stay tuned! Next step — a bit of perspective.


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