Bloggers Revolt?

I have been quite fascinated by the business of blogging. In part it is because I am a blogger. When I first started blogging, it seemed that making money at it would be possible, if you could generate enough traffic. Some did.

But rather tough realities began to make themselves known early on. Entry into the blogging world was getting easier and easier and so more and more people started producing content. There was a flood. Not a flood but a deluge. Generating traffic became a struggle. then Facebook and Twitter came along. Suddenly for many, it was even easier to create content and follow others. These social media made independent blogs even less noticeable.

So I decided to give up on the idea of trying to make money from blogging and do it for other reasons. Mainly to accelerate my own learning. Well, it seems that making a living at blogging is still getting harder. Even with food blogging! Even if you generate traffic!

The underlying point here is inescapable. When everyone is making content, making content itself is not a huge value added proposition. The value added in content generation comes elsewhere.


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