Major News Tracking

This post introduces a new feature to Take Five, a tracking service. It is a bit of an experiment, but should be interesting. Here is how it works. I consume a lot of media every day. And as I do that, I sometimes bump into big, really big stories that are unfolding. As I do this, I have no way to know yet how these stories will turn out. I just have a feeling that they are big.

Here is an example

The battle for Mosul – news that the US and Iraqi forces are planning an assault against SISI held Mosul just leadked out.  As BI points out, the risks are substantial.

Interesting. Well, I would like to keep track of news about this story on the blog. So I have created a page called “Tracking” where I will list this and further updates as we go forward. I will be adding to the list of stories that I track, so stay tuned!



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