Are You a Venture Builder?

Over the last several days, i have posted on taking ideas to products and then transcending them. The core idea is that making and selling any one thing is a lot less fun that being in a flow of invention that builds ecologies and adds value over time. I think this is where we are all headed over time.

And low and behold, today I see a post that gives this business model a name – the “Venture building”.

Venture builders develop many systems, models, or projects at once and then build separate companies around the most promising ones by assigning operational resources and capital to those portfolio companies.

The idea in the blog targets doing start ups better.

In its most basic form, the venture-building company is a holding company that owns equity in the various corporate entities it helped created. The most successful venture builders are, however, much more operational and hands-on than holding companies: They raise capital, staff resources, host internal coding sessions, design business models, work with legal teams, build MVPs (minimum viable products), hire business development managers, and run very effective marketing campaigns during their ventures’ pre- and post-launch phases.

It is a pretty interesting post, and I recommend that you take a few minutes to check it out.

But here is the thing. There is a much deeper idea here than just being part of a venture building company or ecosystem. We are all venture builders if we want to be. But to get started, we need to re-think how we understand the value added process.

Go for it!




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