Assessing 2014

Before thinking ahead to 2015, we might ask what will we remember about 2014? It was the year when … (you can fill in the blank). For me, it was the year when I started to believe in empowerment as the core value of business modeling.

We are still not free of the economic turmoil that was unleashed in 2008 (especially in Europe, where economic recovery has been slow). As a result, one cannot help but be a bit obsessed by the question how can we get ahead? In the old days, this might have meant connecting to persons in power (like Raleigh connecting to Elizabeth).

More recently, it might have meant building a new machine to make work more productive (like James Watt and his steam engine).


More recently still, it may have meant figuring out how to manufacture at lower cost (like Henry Ford)


Or it may have meant developing products that enabled people to match lifestyles with purchases (like Al Sloan at GM)

But these days, we are focused on something a bit different. We are focused more on adding value through connectivity. And we are obsessed with the internet.

In 2014, there were lots of interesting business models that used internet and connectivity to add value.  Among these, which will lead us ahead in 2015? I suspect that it will be this one.

4/ the capital markets have moved to the internet. we call it crowdfunding but what is really going on is raising money is a great application of a global platform that connects billions of people in real time.

Why? Because the real value added of connectivity arises when people like you and me can more easily see what things to do for the future. When what we do during our relatively few days on this planet, is better connected to the larger stories that enhance the story of humanity. That is empowering and in 2014, I began to see evidence of that empowerment.

I will post about that evidence over the next several days.! Stay tuned!


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