Blended Learning

With knowledge acquisition speeding up around the globe, knowledge as an artifact loses value. Not that it is worthless, but knowledge has a shelf life. It needs to be used at the right time and place for its owner to realize value.

This is why we need to develop more efficient platforms for knowledge exchange. The classroom is good, but it is not good enough. Why not? There are two reasons. First, it is expensive in terms of time and cost to bring people into the classroom. That expense limits how much learning can take place. Second, it is inefficient. Classroom work is great for personal interaction, but it does not link us directly to what we do at work.

A blend works better. That blend includes (1) identifying learning needs on the job. In other words, creating a learning agenda, (2) using elearning tools to gain information needed as a foundation for learning, (3) discussing and testing learning in class and (4) applying learning at work to adjust the learning agenda.

Each of these requires a digital platform as well as real world activity. The blend works best when the digital input offers synergies to the real world activity and when elearning adds synergy to classroom work.

We don’t have this type of platform yet. We have pieces of it, but not the full thing. This is a business opportunity.


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