TV? What’s that?

The trend is becoming more clear. For a while — and not too long ago — it appeared that TV could not be dislodged as the most important home entertainment device. Americans especially just loved their TV’s. It mattered little that the shows were of uneven quality. TV was a cultural mainstay.

But that is changing. It is not that folks like media less. To the contrary. Love for media is at least stable and probably growing. But TV now has competitors — streaming to non-TV devices, especially mobile devices. A recent Nielson poll confirms this.

This is good news for firms like Netflix that are geared to offer streaming. And it is good news for mobile device manufacturers and service providers. And it is not so great news for companies that are tied to TV for revenue streams. They are ok for now, but face declining revenue from TV in the long term.

The obvious strategic next step is to attempt to import more TV related content and services into mobile devices. And this may be the direction that YouTube is headed. But streaming business models are different than the TV business model.  Most important, it is harder to make big money on advertising.

Perhaps some clever folks will figure out how to replace this. How? My guess is that the replacement will be to merge crowdfunding and advertising. In other words, viewers as well as marketers will be presented with funding options for next season. This may lead to a new dimension in media culture — which shows to fund.



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