Networking Made Easier

There is a long term trend towards quicker, easier and cheaper data exchange possibilities, and I suspect that we are no where near the end point. It was not too long ago, for example, that broadband access was a big deal. It was not too long ago that wireless access entered the scene.

So what is next? I think the next step is access everywhere. In a relatively short period of time, web access will be a lot like access to electricity. Everywhere there are people, there will be web. And not just because there will be more web hotspots. We will get web access walking down the street, riding a cab, everywhere.

How? One way may be through mesh networks. These are web networks that use outdoor moving hotspots that connect with each other to form a “mesh” of access. It may sound weird, but this already exists in Porto, Portugal in a test stage. And investors are chipping in to bring this idea to the US.


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