Two Cool Examples of Leveraging Expertise

Lots of people have expertise. Not many of them leverage it. They don’t use it beyond its traditional application. Here are two examples of people who are leveraging their expertise in interesting ways.

  1. Specialized Blogging

Ben Thompson worked as a project manager for Apple and other companies. But he doesn’t do that any more. He now blogs for a living. Mathew Ingram tells his story for GigaOm and it is an interesting one for several reasons. First, he leverages his knowledge by fitting it into a usable niche. Second, he makes a pay wall work for him. The idea being that if you have one thousand followers, you can sustain your media project.

  1. Building online courses

Nick Walter is a young guy who has some programming background. But he does not have a huge amount of work experience. But he was able to do well making an online course at Udemy by finding a new learning area that folks needed.


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