The Eight Learning Events

Back when I was in university, I did not think of learning as part of an event. it was work. Stuff to read, memorize and regurgitate. It was gross. But when you leave the world of academics, you realize that learning is an adventure. It is perhaps the most fun adventure that you can have in your life.

Like learning how to love.

Well, to have great learning adventures, we need the skills to make adventures successful. That means taking it apart, which is what I do here in this blog. Let me know if you want to learn more about that.

But you can also check out this post to get a taste of the eight “learning events” that make for great experiences in elearning . In sum, they are

  1. Imitate Learning Event
    … learners … draw upon past experience in order to solve a current problem.
  2. Reception Learning Event
    … the transmission of information and how it is received by the learners.
  3. Exercising Learning Event
    … also referred to as “guidance”, and often involves some sort of routine that is accompanied by feedback.
  4. Exploration Learning Event
    We’re curious and we tend to jump at the chance to learn new skills or information in order to solve challenging problems.
  5. Experimentation Learning Event
    The experimentation learning event pertains to the application of knowledge.
  6. Creation Learning Event
    This revolves around the idea of using newly learned knowledge or skills to create something new.
  7. Self Reflection Learning Event
    self explanatory
  8. Debate Learning Event
    This last learning event is also known as “animation”, and it focuses on justifying one’s opinions or views, as well as being able to support them with facts or evidence.



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