What blogs to you follow?

A while ago, it seemed that blogging would be just a fad. People got into blogging and a lot got out of it when they ran out of stuff to write. Facebook and Twitter are so much less demanding! But blogging has not disappeared. And I am not referring here to the “super blogs” like Business Insider and GigaOm that are not really blogs anymore at all. I am talking about blogs that come from individuals and that have their individual message.

This is important in itself because those messages are unique. Not pre-fab. And we do not get access to unique things so easily these days.Moreover, a number of these blogs can offer meaning. Not just ideas, but ideas plus context. So for example, are you interested in technology? Start ups? You could do worse than read Fred Wilson’s blog, A VC.  Here is a list of some other “founder” blogs about the start up scene.

Nice. But going a step further, we are headed into a period where people engaged in serious thinking about doing stuff will be plugged into a blog network or networks where they can connect to people in ways that uniquely fit their purposes. And that is pretty cool.


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