3d Printing for the Rest of Us

Most of us are aware that something called “3d Printing” is around.It is a way to produce physical things in an “additive” process, in a similar way that a text printer creates text on a page in 2d space. But most of us have not really thought about the potential that 3d printing has for society. It just seems a bit too gimmicky.

So i thought. But I today I listened to a video presented by Motley Fool pitching the investment opportunity that buying stocks in companies in this market has. It changed my mind about the industry. You can watch the video too. Here is how I found it.

I read an article by Motley Fool about how GE is making more fuel efficient jet engines for the next generation planes that are on the way. Here is the last paragraph

“Made in China” — an all too familiar phrase. But not for much longer: There’s a radical new technology out there, one that’s already being employed by the U.S. Air Force, BMW and even Nike. Respected publications like The Economist have compared this disruptive invention to the steam engine and the printing press; Business Insider calls it “the next trillion dollar industry.” Watch The Motley Fool’s shocking video presentation to learn about the next great wave of technological innovation, one that will bring an end to “Made In China” for good. Click here!

Normally I don’t do the “click here” thing. This time I did. I recommend that you do too. Not necessarily to make the investments that the Motley Fool is pitching, but to get a glimpse of a pretty amazing future.


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