Business v. Life

This quote from an article in Inc.  jumped out at me this morning

You can live the life you want by engineering your business around your life.

Engineering your business around your life? This sounds a bit radical. What does it mean?

I understand it this way. Business is about exchanges that add value to both sides of a transaction. These exchanges might consist of a simple conversation or a payment for goods or services. But where do we find things that add value? When we engineer life around business, we commit to pre-fab things that have proven value. Like making houses or selling cars or being a lawyer. When we engineer business around our lives, we commit to finding value in what we do.

This seems radical because we are not trained to find value in what we do. To the contrary, we are trained to value things that others have already done. But does that mean it is not possible? Accepting that it is not possible suggests that what we do has no real value. It is just “consumption”. I rebel at that thought. Don’t you



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