Moving from Utility to Platform

Nice hierarchy! The first question is are you a useful utility? It may sound demeaning, but it is the opposite. Being an effective utility means that you add value in a systematic way. So you might think of a medical services provider as an effective utility (assuming that the services meet the need). But is that the end of the story? Well, perhaps not. Once you are a utility, you might think of leveraging that capacity to build it into a platform.

This is what Wunderlist is doing. Will it work? Let’s see. Regardless, this way of thinking can help all of us develop a hierarchy of questions to structure our relations

  • how do we add value to a given target group (the initial value proposition)
  • how do we do this in the most systematic way possible to make it a utility (organizing and upgrading delivery)
  • how do we scale the utility into a platform (connecting the utlity to related learning paths)

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