WordPress: Do More!

WordPress is an interesting company. It is best known as a “blogging platform”. As such, it offers folks like me a way to start up and operate blogs for free or for a “premium” service. Nice. And WordPress has gotten a lot better at this over the years. Now you get lots of options  to make your content more exciting. Mea Culpa, I use only a few.

But WordPress is trying to do more. It also wants to help you, the blogger, connect with a community.

When you become a part of WordPress.com, you’re actually getting two awesome services for the price of none: your blog plus your Reader, which brings every WordPress.com blog together in one easy-to-search place.

Hmmm … so what is this “Reader” thing? WordPress has seen how successful curated sites like Zite and Flipboard have become. And WordPress wants to create similar buzz in its own ecology through its “Reader”. How is this working out? Well, to be honest, I don’t use the reader that much yet. But I suspect that it will get better and as it does, i will get more interested. Let’s see.


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