Bitcoin Regulation? A Few Perspectives

News that the State of New York is considering regulation of bitcoion exchange has caught the interest of many. The conventional wisdom is that bitcoin regulation is coming. At the same time, quite a few in the tech world are skeptical whether regulation will have any of the desired effects.

FastCompany discusses why regulating Bitcoin is not as easy as it might seem

… the U.S. must be extremely careful about how it regulates the currency, or risk giving other, more entrepreneurial countries opportunities to use it against the dollar.

Bitcoin Mgasine is skeptical that the New York idea will work

CoinDesk put it this way

It is, however, a grand attempt from a local regulator to overlay an inappropriate technology-specific regulation within the confines of the great state of New York.

Vice points out that Canadian exchanges have a lead.

Forex Magazine notes that in fact, bicoin transactions are now relatively easy to track.

Giga (via Jeff John Roberts) offers a more skeptical perspective on bitcoin. This is less likely to be a merchant driven US trend than a global trading platform driven by a desire to get out of risky currencies. BTW, he leaves out the key idea – transaction fee reduction.

Bix Carson at Giga offers her view of “Bitlicences”.

Fred Wilson on bitcoins challenges for breakout  Here is a video of Fred’s remarks


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