Solar’s Victory

Just a few years ago, people were talking about the future of solar. It was a technology that had promise, but that was too expensive to adapt. Coal, oil and gas were all a lot cheaper. My how things change these days. The cost of solar has fallen dramatically and looks like it will keep on falling. As a result, solar has become mainstream. And for the first time, I see an article saying that solar has already won the battle. Coal and coal fired power stations cannot compete.

Let’s assume for a moment that this is true. What does it mean? Well, you might ask yourself what happened as the cost of computing fell dramatically? We went from mainframe to smartphone and beyond. Soon we will have smart underpants. Apply this idea to what may happen if the cost of energy falls to near zero. Hmmm … what does that look like? Well, consider that the consumer society of the 20th century was the child of the discovery of cheap energy – oil.  All of the things that require energy, from gadgets to transport to manufacture will become cheaper still.

Hold onto your hat! This could get very interesting!


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