Crisis Interrupted

Conflict is an odd topic. It is odd because we need it but we don’t like it. We need it because sometimes we have to stand up and fight for what is right. We cannot run away from everything. We don’t like it because it can be harsh and it is usually unpredictable. So we don’t like to think or to talk about it. And worse still, we delegate conflict management to “experts”.

The trust is, however, that in life we are always in some sort of conflict. And usually, it is multi-dimensional. We are engaged in ongoing internal and external conflicts. We manage them until they turn into crisis. And then things go crazy

Some people do crisis management well and others do not. But one thing about crisis – it demands attention. More than attention. It demands focus and resolution. How good at you at crisis management? Check out what Tim Geithner went through before you answer.


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