Thinking about Hydration

A while ago, I started reading that we all should drink more water. That a lot of us are dehydrated and don’t realize it. I thought about it, and even tried drinking more for a few days. But I found it to be unpleasant to glug glug more than I wanted. So I stopped.

But articles about hydration keep popping up. And then I saw an article that said just drinking more for a day or two won’t make any difference. After chronic dehydration, the body cannot absorb the water that it actually needs — at least a first. It takes a week or two for the cells to adapt. And this story really caught my eye.

Hmmm … today I saw this story about the negative effects of being dehydrated. Yikes!

So I started to wonder if I might be a bit low on H2O. Based on what I have read, this might explain a few things – like my sinus congestion and inflammation/immune system issues. I will not go overboard here, but I have started adding water to my daily diet. First thing before I get up, after breakfast, after lunch and dinner and before bed. I will keep you all posted.  In the first two days, i didn’t notice much. But in the third day, I noticed that my sinus congestion was a bit less. Interesting.

More as this story unfolds!


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