A Deluge of Broadcasting

Broadcasting as a value is deeply rooted in western culture. In the 20th century, this value evolved along with the two revolutionary marketing technologies – radio and TV. Broadcasters were able to use technology to enter your living space and show you what products to buy. Implicit in this is that broadcasting itself is pretty cool.

Internet didn’t change that – yet. Given the above history, it is not surprising that when everyone had the chance to start broadcasting ourselves (via blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) we did it with gusto. And suddenly, we are awash in broadcasted messages. All shouting out “me! me! me”! When we are all broadcasting, none of us is listening.  It is not sustainable.

So what is next? I think we need to get beyond broadcasting as a value. To replace it with something more valuable.  Like what? Well, you might ask yourself why broadcasting became so popular? At least in part, it was because it was a far more efficient way to show people new things. It facilitated a type of learning. So is broadcasting the only way to do this?

Good question. Stay tuned.

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