Life Hacking for Students

I have a certain sympathy for graduating university students. As I remember well, they are expected to march out into the world without the basic training to deal with the world. And they are supposed to have asked and answered the dreaded question “what am I going to do with my life?”

One quick tip – at that stage of your life, you are totally unqualified to answer that question. Don’t even try. Why?  “Your life” is not a thing like a car or even an event like a vacation. It is more like a rather complex ecology of different things that are connected through the invisible strands of time. This ecology requires nurturing and exploring which then produces a degree of understanding. So, what things you will want to do will evolve as you do them for reasons that are most likely rather obscure right now.

So what can you do? Well, you can read my 6 part thread on how to think strategically about your situation (you can find it in the “Tread for students” category on the right side of this page). A word of caution. Thinking strategically won’t offer you an answer to the above question. Even after studying the strategy guide intensely, you still will be unqualified to answer it. But it will help you understand the question better. And understanding the question will position you to think about it more clearly. It also can lead you to start taking some first steps “into” your future. That is critical, because as you will find out, the future is something that happens one step at a time. Try skipping a step, and you are in doggie doodoo. Ditto for not taking steps as they become clear. Creativity evolves out of movement. Not the other way around.

This is a nice starting point to introduce a key thought. Movement to build creativity implies a mindfulness about your movements. In other words, do what you do well and you will learn from the doing.


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