_The Next Super Unicorns?

I bumped into several new terms this morning: the “unicorn” and the “super unicorn”.  Here is the quote from TechCrunch

No one can predict with perfect accuracy what technology trend will birth the next set of billion-dollar, venture-backed companies or “unicorns.” Even more difficult is determining where the next $100B+ “super unicorn” will come from, as history tells us this rare breed of company only emerges once or twice in a decade.

Very interesting – “rare” means once or twice a decade. In other words, over 50 years one might see upwards of 100 of these huge rare birds. Up to 100 new firms capitalized at over $100 billion, or summing it up, $10 trillion in capitalized value. That will be worth considerably less than $10 trillion found on the street today, but it is indeed still a tidy sum considering that this represents value generated from the biggest new firms – the super unicorns. How much more new value will come from the somewhat smaller and more commonly “birthed” start ups? Those only worth, let’s say $500,000,000 each? Who knows.

We shall see if this value creation comes to pass. But just looking at the terminology gives a sense of the hubris that is just behind it. Lots of folks have lots of confidence that they will find new ways of using technology that will change the way we do stuff.



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