Solar Roads, Here We Come

A clever fellow has come up with the idea that roads should be embedded with solar paneling to generate power. It is one of those big ideas that is easily discounted. Does one really think that all of the roads in the US will be dug up and re-paved this way? And of course, this misses the point. It matters not whether this becomes the norm. A lot of parking lots, driveways and paths will be dug up and redone this way. Why? Because people like the idea. How do I know? They are contributing mightily to the crowdfunding proposal at Indiegogo.  Next step – an installation that goes viral and rich folks may start incorporating this in their luxury properties (along with their small movie theaters, wine cellars, infinity pools, tennis courts, and so on). Then we will see if production and installation costs start falling so that this becomes a more wide spread use.

let the games begin!




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