Key to Transaction

Leverage is a rather mysterious topic. We know what it is in the real world. A strategically placed lever helps move very heavy objects. But that does not help explain how leverage works in negotiation. Put most simply, in negotiation, leverage is what drives people to decision. It could be anything. But it is always something.

Here is the thing. Wouldn’t we all be a lot better off if suppliers were more interested in what drives us to decision? For example, I go to the food store nearly every day. I go for the same reasons and shop for the same things, most of the time When I purchase them, the store gets data from me For example, the store can easily find out that I generally buy milk once per week. I buy other stuff on a more daily basis. So why doesn’t the store provide me with an initial shopping list based on my demonstrated preferences, with alternatives based on what drives me to decision.

This sounds very simple, but no stores do this, as far as I know. If they did, they would be leveraging my daily buying patterns. It seems that I am not the only one thinking this way.


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