Freestyle as Strategy

Sherlock Holmes boasted of his “scientific use of the imagination”. A charming phrase. He meant that he could select the most probable lines of reasoning to take him to a course of action. And it appears that this is what humans do well — as opposed to computers.

So what? Well, if you take as a given that computer technology will continue to advance, it is likely that we will find ourselves working more and more with them. They will be less like machines and more like actors, taking over all tasks that require only mechanical steps. Computers will handle those mechanical activities much better than we could dream of. And yet, they will not be able to handle fuzzy reasoning as well as humans. So, it is likely that the high paying jobs of the future will be found partnering with computers to do this sort of work.

Stowe Boyd writes for Giga

 … being able to apply or cooperate with other information tools and resources creatively, (is what) I call freestyling. Freestylers can adapt to novel situations, apply innovative ideas and techniques, and work with a wide variety of other actors in order to accomplish some aim. This includes the capacity to lead when necessary, and follow others’ lead when not, which is the defining attribute of leanership, or what Lazlo Bock at Google calls emergent leadership (see Lazlo Bock talks about hiring at Google, and why the GPA is irrelevant).

The underlying point here is that success in the future is in the ability to form and develop an agenda, using tools and resources that are at hand.


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